It is probably difficult to imagine what it would be like to lose part of yourself. Which is exactly what has happened to your loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Some of the situations in listed below in Teen’s Reality, may apply to you. Some of the situations in Alzheimer Reality apply to people with Alzheimer’s disease. Match them up to try to imagine what effect Alzheimer’s disease may have on someone.

Teen’s Reality

  • Getting a driver’s license.
  • Leaving home for your own apartment.
  • Finding that special someone in your life.
  • Doing your homework or studying at a university.
  • Trying the latest fashion trend.
  • Doing your laundry and making your own meals.
  • Being among friends who understand what you are going through.

Alzheimer’s Reality

  • Not recognizing your husband or wife of 50 years.
  • Not understanding what you read in the newspaper.
  • Having your driver’s license taken away because you confuse the gas pedal with the brake.
  • Forgetting where you live and getting lost in your neighborhood.
  • Forgetting how to work the washing machine and stove, putting your clothes on inside out.
  • Forgetting how to tie your shoes.
  • Feeling alone among strangers and not knowing what to do.

If you were the person with Alzheimer’s disease, what feelings might you experience? It’s ok to talk to your parents about how Alzheimer’s has affected you. In fact, it’s most likely that it has affected your parents the same way, and having someone to listen to you can provide relief knowing that you’re not alone.