You are not alone! Support groups can provide vital links to other families and friends of those enduring the effects of Alzheimer’s and other related memory-loss diseases. Participating in a support group is a great way to meet other people who can understand what you are going through. A support group can also help you learn coping skills and techniques for relating to your loved one.

Here are 10 reasons for joining a support group:

  • It is the only place I can say what I feel and people understand.
  • I can be angry about how I was dealt a blow by fate and the others will not say I shouldn’t feel that way.
  • I can find help on how to handle difficult behavior problems from others who have dealt with the same situations.
  • I learn that I cannot and should not be the only one responsible for caring for my loved one who has the disease.
  • I learn where to go for help in caring for my loved one.
  • I realize it’s possible to laugh at some of the impossible, crazy things that happen during the day.
  • I learn to stop trying to teach or reason with my loved one and instead accept that the way he or she sees things is very real for him or her.
  • I discovered that it is important to have some time for myself to do the things I want and not feel guilty.
  • I become aware of how much it helps to know I’m not the only one in the world going through this nightmare.
  • I find I can cope better with the support and caring understanding of the others in the support group.

More about what others have said about their support group:

  • It saved my life.
  • It is my anchor
  • We can cry with no shame attached.
  • We have become an extended family.
  • No one else understands what I am going through.
  • A safe place to let out my true feelings and to actually laugh again.
  • Learning how to handle challenging behaviors in a positive way has made a big difference in my attitude.

To attend a support group at a Pacific Living Center home near you, please contact the home or the main office.