Training and Development

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Pacific Living Centers is a State Certified Alzheimer’s Care Unit. With this certification you can rest assure that our staff has extensive training, skill and knowledge to care for residents who suffer from Alzheimer or other related Dementia.

Pacific Living Centers provides mandatory training to all direct care staff as well as ongoing staff training. Prior to beginning their new position, staff members attend six hours of orientation. During this orientation period the following topics are covered:

  • Philosophy of Care
  • Description of Alzheimer’s disease and other related Dementia
  • Policy and procedures regarding care provided including:
    • Basic services provided
    • Admission, discharge and transfer criteria
    • Physical restraints
    • Wandering/Egress control
    • Medication Management
    • Staff training requirements
    • Common behavior problems and recommended behavior management.

In addition to the six hours of orientation, each direct care staff member will also be trained for 24 hours on the floor with supervision.

On a monthly basis, each direct care staff member will attend one one-hour training session. These sessions will include the following topics:

  • Definitions, diagnosis, stages, and new developments in diagnoses and therapy of Alzheimer’s disease and other related Dementias.
  • Common behavior problems and recommended behavior management techniques.
  • Communicating with the Alzheimer’s/Dementia resident
  • Activity therapy and other positive therapeutic interventions.
  • The role of the family in caring for residents with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as the support needed by the family of these residents.
  • The Alzheimer’s/Dementia environment.
  • Service plans and expected goals and outcomes for residents.

Pacific Living Centers Staff are trained on these topics every six months.