Pacific Living Centers, Inc. provides “loving homes for the memory-impaired” with communities in Woodburn, Salem, Grants Pass, and Medford. It offers affordable housing and quality services which enhance independence, choice, dignity, and privacy in a home-like environment, meeting the individual needs and requests of residents.

The main goal of Pacific Living Centers is to support and promote residents’ self-direction and participation in decisions. All staff strives to understand and recognize the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of all residents and to respect their rights to a full and independent lifestyle.

Board of directors

Four individuals with a common goal forged a vision for these loving homes and communities and founded Pacific Living Centers in 2001. They are friends, family members, and business professionals who saw a need and believed they could fill this need better than anyone else. These founders make up the Pacific Living Centers, Inc. board of directors:

  • Tim Cummings, President, is a prominent homebuilder with a reputation for fine home construction.
  • Don Reeser, Vice President, is a Project Superintendent skilled in residential and commercial projects.
  • Charles Smith, Vice President, is a machinery designer and sales director.
  • Sandra Quinton, Secretary-Treasurer, is a human resources director with experience in accounting, finance, and escrow documentation.


2001, Pacific Living Centers, Inc. founded
August 2002, Hawthorne House opened in Salem
August 2004, Arbor House opened in Grants Pass
December 2004, Heritage House opened in Woodburn
September 2006, Autumn House opened in Grants Pass
January 2009, Harmony House opened in Salem
January 2011, Applegate House opened in Grants Pass
March 2014, Bartlett House opened in Medford